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Austin Merrick’s massive 12 inch dick!….. Belami says: American stud Austin Merrick with the massive cock is this weeks BelAmi Pin-Up boy of the week, get to know all of him. This photoshoot was Austin’s first time doing this kind of work, and also his first time outside of the US. Our big dicked American newbie showed up half tan, half pale but no matter he looks good from every angle. Get this photoshoot at Belami!

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Sexy young dudes raw cock fucking with Tony Conrad and Felix Gaul!…… Belami says: Felix Gaul has already been featured on BelAmiOnline before, but as he only has 3 scenes live, we decided to include him in our February special as well. Today he has been asked by Tony Conrad to be the judge of which new pair of underwear looks best on him. Of course the answer has to be that Tony looks better naked, but Felix lets him play his little game for a while before settling on

Belami: Naked boys Gallery

Hover over the name of the Belami boy in Belami Boys Gallery to find out all about him. Click the picture or name to visit his home page at Belami. Check out all his updates there. Adam Archuleta Jack Harrer Andre Boleyn      Manuel Rios  Lukas Ridgeston  Jim Kerouac        Josh Elliot  Tommy Hansen  Vadim Farrell        Kevin Warhol  Todd Rosset Benjamin Bloom        Paul Valery  Dario Dolce  Sebastian Bonnet        Dolph Lambert  Ralph Woods Kris Evans