Norman Cox at Muscle Hunks

Just 22 years old, Norman’s angelic baby face!….. Muscle Hunks says: If there’s anything we love here at it’s presenting new faces (and staggering new physiques) to our discerning members. Meet Norman Cox, the apotheosis of the Muscle Boy Next Door, a powerful young bull ripe for your delectation. Get this movie at Muscle Hunks! Just 22 years old, Norman’s angelic baby face is in startling contrast to his broad traps, massive bulldozer body, bulging biceps, perfect skin, hard man-glutes and bad-boy pec tats. And for those who think young, this MBND is sporting a fiercely large firehouse ready […]

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Baby face Blaine with giant biceps at Sean Cody

A boyish, innocent face, but a muscular, manly body!….. Sean Cody says: “How old are you?” “I’m 29 years old,” Blaine replied with a white smile and sparkling blue eyes. “You don’t look 29!” “Yeah I get that a lot,” he replied. “I look quite young.” “Very baby face.” “Yes.” Get this video at Sean Cody! “Baby face but with giant biceps!” Blaine is one of those guys who has a boyish, innocent face, but a muscular, manly body. He puts a lot of time in at the gym! “So you actually compete?” “Yeah, I’ve done a couple of competitions […]

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Martin Santos

Hottest nude young Latino bodybuilder Martin jerks his big muscle dick!…… Powermen says: Twenty-one year old bodybuilder Martin Santos is one of the hottest nude bodybuilders in the world today. He might have a baby face, but he is not innocent at all. He just hit the night club scene in Rio and Sao Paulo and turned heads. Whatever Martin does, he does it really well. He literally grows on screen. Make sure you are at least as old as Martin and not offended by sexually explicit material including a huge and hung hunk. See Martin Santos fully exposed here! […]

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Active Duty: you recruits Axl, Boyd and Chaz hot threesome

Active Duty is back, completely renewed and hotter than ever. Meet Axl their hot new young recruit and meet his two friends Chaz and Boyd. What do you think results when you get these three horny boys in the same room together. Well the resulting threesome will leave you all hot and bothered and a little wet and sticky too. Despite his baby face Axl is a bit of a sex monkey or should i say rabbit, he just oozes sex out of every pore. From those dreamy eyes and his rock-hard abs all the way down to that beautiful […]

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