Ryan Kai strips out of his undies and tries on a sexy jockstrap

Ryan Kai gets his first hand job from a guy and explodes all over himself!…… Bentley Race says: I’m having a lot of fun shooting with my cute mate Ryan Kai. He has done a load of shoots with me now. Today he is showing off on some gym equipment in his undies before trying on a jockstrap for the first time. Ryan is one of our straight mates. Today his the first day he let me play with his cock. In his video scene Ryan is trying out one of my new toys. The VR goggles with some porn […]

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25 year old Aussie boy Hunter Jones strips naked and jerks his fat cock

Tattooed muscle boy Hunter Jones stroking his big cock!…… Bentley Race says: During one of our shoots together recently, Hunter Jones and I met up at the spa suite for a photo and video shoot. In between sets, Hunter slipped in to the hot tub for a break. I got a few snaps of him here before we started making his video. I like shooting with the 25 year straight Aussie a lot. Like many of our mates, he’s really laid back and doesn’t mind being photographed in the nude. He’s has done a few shoots now, naked on my […]

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Sarpa Van Rider pulls down his sexy undies showing off his tight pert ass

Sarpa Van Rider loves showing off naked on camera and loves making hot videos!…… Bentley Race says: My beautiful mate Sarpa Van Rider is back doing shoots with me over this summer here in Australia. The 21 year old has now appeared in many hot solo, duo and group sex scenes on the site. He loves showing off naked on camera and loves making hot videos. Today Sarpa is stripping off in the studio. He is looking super fit as he pulls his undies down off his perfect light bottom. I’m making sure I get loads of photos of Sarpa […]

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German hottie Tristan Folder pulls his huge dick out of his jocks and jerks hard

Tristan folder was fun to shoot with and made a very hot jacking video!…… Bentley Race says: I just spent the past month hanging out with some very sexy guys in Berlin. I met guys from all over Europe there, but I did get to spend some time with this local German hottie, Tristan Folder. This fiery red head tells me that he did do some nude modelling some years ago, and it doesn’t interest him so much. It took some convincing to get him to model for me, and I’m glad he did. This guy turned out to be […]

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Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter

Alex is a 39 year old muscle stud fucks top bottom boy Skippy!….. Bentley Race says: Aussie top fucker Alex McEwan is a 39 year old muscle stud fucks top bottom boy Skippy Baxter in his first porn shoot. It hard to see if Alex was ever going to stop slamming Skippy’s butt from all different angles. See Alex McEwan and Skippy Baxter fucking here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Solo jerk off Valentin Defarge wanks his huge thick uncut French dick to a big cum explosion

Valentin Defarge slowly pull down his jockstrap exposing his huge uncut dick!…… Bentley Race says: Joining us this week at BentleyRace is this beautiful French guy by the name of Valentin Defarge. 25 year old Val was told by one of our mates that I was back in Australia and looking for new guys to shoot with. I’m really glad we got to meet. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure to meet this summer. After chatting for a while we headed in to the studio to get a bunch of shots. Val is a lot taller […]

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Aussie straight boy Lincoln Ashby naked roadside jerk off

Straight boy Lincoln’s kerbside cumshot! Aussie straight boy Lincoln Ashby naked roadside jerk off   Bentley Race says: When 24 year old Lincoln Ashby dropped by for his very first porn shoot at the end of last year my mates were all fighting over who was going to get to star alongside him first. Well sadly for them Lincoln is one of large number of straight mates getting their gear off on Bentley Race. See Aussie boy Lincoln Ashby cumming roadside at Bentley Race!   He was keen to do more scenes and the perfect opportunity popped up recently when […]

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William Tudor gets naked outdoors

William flashes his uncut cock! William Tudor gets naked outdoors Bentley Race says: One of our new mates on Bentley Race has become very popular with members asking for more scenes and my other mates lining up to get in to a scene with him. 26 year old William Tudor joined us late last year when he posed in football gear and a jock strap. Watch William Tudor getting naked outdoors FULL VIDEO at Bentley Race! The lanky lad loves showing off his big uncut dick. Today he disappeared up to the rooftop with Zac for this impromptu shoot. The […]

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Bentley Race sexy young nude guy Luc Dean strips and jerks out a huge cumload

Gorgeous hairy chested young hunk Luc Dean shows off his beautiful big dick!….. Bentley Race says: There are so many new guys waiting to get in front of the camera. And now that summer has arrived I have really ramped up shooting here in Australia. I’m really excited to introduce you today to my beautiful new mate Luc Dean. 25 year old Luc from Queensland was visiting me last week for the first time. We had been chatting online for a long time about getting together. Luc had already done some shoots for some other photographers around Australia. I thought […]

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18 year old naked footballer dude Reece Anderson strips out of his kit and jerks his huge boy cock

Sexy young stud Reece Anderson in his AFL kit!…… Bentley Race says: It’s the beginning of summer here in Australia and we are already having some long hot days. This means we can start shooting outside again. Last week Reece Anderson and I were hanging out taking photos up on my newly decorated rooftop. Reece was playing with the footy on the roof while I snapped loads of photos. The 18 year old Aussie looks so cute in the AFL gear. He made me laugh when he dropped his shorts to reveal those see through netted undies. Eventually he stripped […]

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Aussie redhead Cody James jerks his very fat uncut dick

Cody wanks his massive cock to a huge boy cumshot!…… Bentley Race says: I’d like to introduce you to my newest Aussie mate Cody James. Cody recently moved to the city from country Tasmania. I love shooting with the guys from the country. He contacted me a long time ago about possibly modelling for me. And now that he lives in the city I jumped at the chance to get the Aussie red head around. What I didn’t know is that this 23 year old is very well hung. You see Cody is packing one very fat uncut dick. It […]

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Polish hottie young twink Justin Evans flashes his cute bubble ass as he jerks his big uncut dick

Justin Evans strips off in the shower showing off his cute little bum and growing uncut cock!…… Bentley Race says: When I first met Justin Evans a couple of years ago he was so dam shy. This Polish hottie didn’t speak a word of English or German and I had to give him directions from Warsaw to my hotel in Berlin. Since then Justin speaks a lot more English from watching a lot of TV. And we have been meeting up each time I visit Europe. Today Justin is stripping off in the shower, showing off that cute little bum […]

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Cute 22 year old Indonesian boy Vino Rainz jerks out a huge cum load

Young sexy stud Vino Rainz shows off his smooth bubble butt asshole!……. Bentley Race says: On a recent trip to New Zealand (a short hop from Australia) I met this really cute Indonesian boy by the name of Vino Rainz. I spotted Vino nearby by when I was cruising for local guys after I arrived. I talked him in to coming around to my hotel for a shoot. It turned out he was in the hotel right next door to mine. I thought he was pretty dam cute from the photos he showed me. It was only minutes before he […]

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22 year old Ryan Kai strips out of his speedos jerking his big hard cock

Ryan Kai starts untying his speedos to reveal his stiffening cock!…… Bentley Race says: During Melbourne’s winter I found a few alternative venues for the guys to keep warm while still having some horny fun. This was 22 year old Ryan Kai’s warm up photo shoot when we met up in the city recently. Ryan had picked out this “tie up” Aussiebum speedo to try out during this shoot. He quickly slipped in to the soapy water to warm up while I grabbed the camera to take some shots. I could tell that he was getting turned on as he […]

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Max Gatling

Max’s oversized cock is bursting out of his jockstrap! Bentley Race says: Max Gatling looks awesome in that little white jockstrap. He’s finding it hard to hide his excitement in it. His oversized cock is bursting out as he starts pulling poses. Max Gatling is one of the many straight boys getting their gear off at BentleyRace. See Max Gatling fully exposed here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Aybars swinging his huge German/Turkish dick around the place!….. Bentley Race says: Hot guys like porn star Aybars come along so rarely these days. Aybars is a German/Turkish porn star in Europe, he’s hot over there, and only just coming out in the USA. See what happens on a freezing cold afternoon in Munich when Aybars comes around. Swinging his huge German/Turkish dick, what a fabulous combination. See Aybars fully exposed here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Sexy naked Aussie boy Ben Hart jerks his huge dick and gets his ass hole rimmed

Gorgeous young nude Australian stud Ben Hart stripped and sucked hard!…… Bentley Race says: I want to introduce you to my new mate and latest crush, Aussie boy Ben Hart. It’s kinda one of my awkward first shoots. You know when you meet a guy who’s really good looking and then you’re thrown right off your game. Well normally I’m pretty in control of things when a new guy comes round for his first shoot. But 23 year old Ben turned up wearing these tight pants that showed exactly how perfect his bum is. And I knew that he was […]

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Daddy Romain Deville fucks Aussie boy Cody James until the little guy can take it no longer

Cody James couldn’t wait to get Romain Deville’s big cock into his mouth!…… Bentley Race says: This is one of our mates hook ups that I’ve been super excited to release today on Bentley Race. I knew these guys were going to get along really well. Aussie boy Cody James kept asking me when was he going to get a turn at bottoming in one of our videos. Every since I met Brodie a few years ago he has been a big hit on the site fucking all my mates with his large uncut cock. Then when daddy Romain Deville […]

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Sexy tanned young guy Benjamin Bosco strips out of his shorts jerking his huge uncut cock

24 year old sexy young hunk Benjamin Bosco strips naked and jerks his huge dick!…… Bentley Race says: I have to admit I have a little bit of a crush on my new mate Benjamin Bosco. The 24 year old South American is incredibly beautiful, and this became a very flirtatious shoot in my tiny bathroom. This was the first time Benjamin modeled for me. We were doing a simple stripping photo shoot in the bathroom and shower. Benjamin was all smiles as I directed him through the photo shoot. I was actually a bit unnerved and found it hard […]

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Shane Phillips

25 year old Shane looked great in his jockstrap and even better out of it!…… Bentley Race says: Canadian sexy stud Shane Phillips was just about to finish his Australian vacation when he ropped by for an afternoon. 25 year old Shane looked great in his jockstrap, and even better out of it. Shane has a chunky build and a gorgeous blond bush. After stripping and posing Shane jerks off showing his hands free Fleshlight fucking skills. But he is easily overwhelmed by the Fleshlight’s touch on his dick and he soon blows a huge load of cum across the […]

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Texan mates Chris Finch fucks sexy red head dude Brian York

Brian York has no problem getting raw fucked by the hung Chris Finch!…… Bentley Race says: After I met Texan mates Chris Finch and his red headed mate Brian York in Austin last month it made sense to ask them back for a duo scene. I really wanted to see these mates getting each other off. And they were really keen to do it too. So we lined up a time to meet back at my hotel for an afternoon of raw fucking action. When I filmed Brian’s solo scene I could tell that he loved getting fucked as he […]

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John Pavel

John’s wrestling striptease! Bentley Race says: I think the highlight of my trip all the way to Bucharest was lying on the floor between John Pavel’s massive thighs taking photos of him slowing slipping out of that wrestling singlet and eventually exposing his thick uncut dick. See John Pavel full exposure here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Axel Jackson and Ygor Malone

Two horny young cocksuckers & ass rimmers! Bentley Race says: Sexy young guys Axel Jackson and Ygor Malone are kissing and fooling around then Axel goes down on Ygor’s cock. The boys indulge each other in a bout of cock sucking and hot ass hole rimming before taking turns fucking each other with a fat dildo. Then Axel pumps his hard erect dick into Ygor’s ass hole. See Axel Jackson and Ygor Malone fully exposed here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Sexy young dudes Cody James and Chris Wyld butt fucking orgy

Aussie boys Cody James and Chris Wyld’s first hook up!…… Bentley Race says: You know that I take great pleasure in setting up my mates. Especially those that have not met each other before. You never know what’s going to happen. This was the case when I introduced my mate Cody James to Chris Wyld a few weeks ago. Having shots a bunch of scenes with the guys before, I knew that they would hit it off. In fact it turned in to one of the most fun shoots we have done this year. Chris was teasing Cody through the […]

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25 year old Bulgarian wrestler Brady Kent strips naked jerking his uncut dick

Brady jerks out a massive load of cum shooting it a very long way!…… Bentley Race says: I have had many of my mates asking me when am I going to shoot with the sexy Brady Kent again. I met the 25 year old wrestler from Bulgaria in Berlin 2 years ago. He was there on vacation with some mates while I was also visiting on vacation. We had kept in touch over the past couple of years and organised to meet again in Berlin. I like shooting with straight guys. And Brady Kent is one of my favourite straight […]

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Vinnie Gambino

Nude young footballer Vinnie jerks his meat! Bentley Race says: One of the cockiest of guys of the year was straight Italian boy from New York. Vinnie Gambino is not short of confidence. Are straight boys who do gay porn more confident than gay boys doing gay porn? Vinnie has never been naked in front of a camera before, but he was ready to give it a go. See Vinnie Gambino fully exposed here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Bentley Race Damien Dyson strips out of his sexy underwear and jerks his huge thick uncut dick

Damien Dyson wanks his big uncut cock playing with his thick foreskin!…… Bentley Race says: After I met the Aussie country boy Damien Dyson earlier this year here in the city, I knew we’d be hanging out a lot this year. More recently I have been filming Damien hooking up with some of my mates. But today Damien is doing an impromptu strip show for me. We are always having so much fun fooling around. This hotel room has huge windows looking out across the city. So while Damien is still sporting a full erection I get him showing off […]

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Bentley Race South American hottie Benjamin Bosco jerks off in just his socks and sneakers

Benjamin Bosco reveals his amazing fit body and those stunning abs!…… Bentley Race says: My crush on South American hottie Benjamin Bosco continues as he returns for this shoot in my hotel room. I met the sexy 24 year old earlier this year when he was passing through Melbourne. I knew that I wanted to shoot with him again. We had so much fun at the first shoot, I knew I would have no trouble convincing him to strip one more time. Today Benjamin is stripping on the couch to reveal his amazing fit body and those stunning abs. I […]

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Jake Jensen loved every bit of getting fucked by his furry friend Jay Townsend

This is Jay’s very first scene playing the top!………. Bentley Race says: My mate Jay Townsend is so excited today meeting Jake Jensen for the first time. He had only seen Jake’s photos and videos on the site. So there was a lot of anticipation by the time the guys met. They didn’t know that their first meeting was going to happen in my squeezey 2 man hot tub. Though both Jay and Jake didn’t mind getting close and personal in the hot water. It was Jay who first slipped out of his speedos. He was encouraging Jake to pull […]

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Beau Jackson

Ginger Aussie rugby hunk jerks his fat uncut cock!…… Bentley Race says: 26 year old Australian rugby player Beau Jackson loves getting naked out on the roof. He looks stunning in his soccer kit. The tight football gear looks so hot on red headed Beau. The first pair of shorts he tried on were too tight to fit over those huge thighs. So he settled for a looser pair. After showing me some ball tricks Beau start’s to strip down to his jockstrap, in the process showing me his gorgeous chunky bum. Finally he is totally naked on my rooftop […]

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Handsome young hunk Aussie James Nowak jerks his huge uncut dick in the hot tub

James Nowak asked if he could cum across the deck!….. Bentley Race says: One of the most popular guys this year is the very handsome Aussie James Nowak. The 26 year old has appeared in several scenes, solo and with my mates, so far this year. I’ve gotten a lot of requests to see more of James in action. So I invited the muscle boy around for this shoot in the hot tub. The shoot was going well until James noticed the neighbors over the road out on their balcony as get had just gotten naked. This didn’t stop us […]

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Ethan Cooper

Ethan’s massive dick explodes! Bentley Race says: 22 year old Ethan Cooper is pretty dam cute. He has a very natural slim, hairy body and occasionally flashes that cheeky grin at Zac as he pulls another pose. But wait until you see the size of that monster in his pants. See Ethan Cooper fully exposed here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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