Cody Cummings physical with nurse Bradley Rose

Cody wakes to find Nurse Bradley hanging from his cock ! Cody Cummings says: Don’t feel bad for Cody Cummings. Even though he’s laid up in the hospital, phasing in and out, he’s gonna be fine. He’s got the best medical attention night and day. Nurse Bradley Rose is part of the team caring for Cody, and he prides himself on going the extra mile for his patients. Get this video at Cody Cummings! While tending to Cody’s wounds and sponging him down, Bradley notices Cody’s cock has pitched a tent under the sheet. Lifting up the sheet, he realizes […]

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Joro Welsh

Joro’s gotta let loose sevral times a day! Powermen says: His raging sex drive, for Joro Welsh’s a guy who’s gotta let loose, whether privately, or in some welcoming orifice, several times a day. See Joro Welsh full exposure here! See Joro Welsh full exposure here! All the Powermen updates right here!

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Top 100 world’s sexiest naked muscle men at Legend Men (21-30)

Sexy naked Legend Men nos 21 to 30! Get the Cayden Clark video at Legend Men! Top 100 world’s sexiest naked muscle men at Legend Men (21-30) Legend Men says: Day 3 of our countdown of the top 100 sexiest muscle men in the world. I think you will agree that the men who strip naked for Legend Men are a world apart. Beautifully photographed these men look good both in their clothes and when they have shed their day wear. What is more each sexy muscle hunk has an exclusive video. Get the Chad Christoffersen video at Legend Men! Some have huge […]

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