Sean Cody hottie Brandon bareback fucks Kellin’s tight muscled ass hole

Kellin loved taking Brandon’s hot bare dick!…… Sean Cody says: Kellin took some time off to jump back in the gym and decided to give SC another go. “Last time I was here I didn’t really get the full experience!” Kellin smiled. “What does that mean?” “Well I never got a cock in my mouth or my big ole ass!” Brandon had a smile creep across his face. “I’ll do it! I mean why the fuck not!” These two guys hit it off great and it took a lot of effort to get them to not joke and laugh and […]

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Hot muscle boy Rowan bareback ass fucking Forrest

Newbie Sean Cody star Rowan’s huge bare dick fucks Forrest’s tight muscle asshole!…… Sean Cody says: Newcomer Rowan skips the standard solo scene to jump right into fucking Forrest raw. See hot muscle boy Rowan bareback ass fucking Forrest here! See hot muscle boy Rowan bareback ass fucking Forrest here! All the Sean Cody updates right here!   Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Sean Cody Jayden and Ollie hot bareback ass fucking

I love fucking a nice tight ass Jayden tells Ollie!…… Sean Cody says: Ollie has really gotten pretty great at bottoming and this time actually requested to ride a dick. “It just feels really, really good. When I bust, it’s fucking intense.” Ollie admitted. We have been noticing that Jayden has been more excited to be on set and we finally figured out why. “It’s because I have been able to be a top more often. I love fucking a nice tight ass!” Jayden and Ollie went for a run before their shoot to warm up and the two clicked […]

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Sexy young all American muscle boy Felix jerking his big cock to a huge cum shower

Felix surprised us when he took off his pants and showed us his huge uncut dick!…… Sean Cody says: Felix surprised us a bit when he took off his pants and showed us his huge uncut dick. “That’s a pretty big cock!” “Thanks. It gets lots of compliments from the guys and girls. Felix is openly bisexual and says he really likes a top to have a nice uncut dick just like himself. “I never used to like men until recently.” He admitted. He grew up in Cuba and has been living in the states for a few years. “I’m […]

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Hairy chested newcomer Scott bareback fucks Tanner’s hairy asshole

Tanner’s raw ass well and truly bare fucked by hairy hunk Scott!…… Sean Cody says: Hairy chested muscle hunk Scott sucks down hard on sexy muscle boy Tanner’s big hard dick. Then newcommer Scott presses his hard bare cock between Tanner’s hairy tanned ass cheeks opening up his raw asshole and plunging in deep. Scott bareback fucks Tanner’s muscle man hole till he is on the edge of his orgasm and Tanner can hardly take any more. Then Scott unloads his balls just as Tanner shoots his own cum seed across his hairy six pack abs. See hairy chested newcomer […]

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Sean’s tight muscular asshole bareback fucked by Jess’ massive cock

Oh man, I can’t wait to see this get big! Sean Cody says: We were really excited to get these two big-dicked models together for a scene. In fact, Jess and Sean probably have the biggest dicks on Sean Cody. You would think there would be some sort of competition between them, but admiration took over instead. When Sean revealed what he had hidden in his shorts, Jess was completely shocked. “That’s you soft? Oh man, I can’t wait to see this get big!” After a nice, long walk in nature, these two stallions headed back for some real action […]

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Straight muscle boy Evan strips naked and jerks his long thin dick

Well right now Evan is single and ready to mingle!…… Sean Cody says: “Deep down I am just looking for love and someone to cook for me!” Evan laughed. “I think today you might be looking in the wrong places.” I joked with him Evan is a sweetheart with a huge ego. He knows that he is attractive, smart and funny and has no problem sharing that with the world. “I guess you could say I walk a fine line between confidence and cockiness.” “Tell me about yourself.” “Well right now I am single and ready to mingle!” We both […]

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Sean Cody Noel takes Sean’s big thick dick hardcore bareback ass fucking

Wait you want me to bottom for that huge cock?…… Sean Cody says: Noel finally got back from his deployment overseas and was really excited to start filming again. “Being over there is really aggressive and nerve racking but here I get to run around and have fun all day!” We tricked Noel a little bit to since we told him he was going to top, however since Sean bottomed for Randy we figured we would give him a break. Noel was for sure shocked. “Wait you want me to bottom for that huge cock?” I laughed and smiled and […]

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Sean Cody’s Shaw drops his shorts feast on his huge thick soft cock

Jerking it intently Shaw’s big dick becomes hard and erect!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy ripped muscle hunk Shaw strips down to his board shorts showing off his amazingly ripped muscled bod. As Shaw drops his shorts feast on his huge thick soft cock. Jerking it intently Shaw’s big dick becomes hard and erect. Shaw rubs the end of his big cock head as he wanks. Shaw jerks it until he is close to his orgasm and then spews forth a huge cum shot right across his ripped six pack abs. See Sean Cody’s Shaw drops his shorts feast on his […]

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Hot naked muscle boys Sean and Tate bareback ass fucking

It’s hot as fuck with Sean and Tate fucking like rabbits!…… Sean Cody says: “This is going to be the first time I get to top here,” Tate laughed. “Weird, aren’t you a huge bottom?” I asked “Yeah, but I have to mix it up a bit!” Tate was up for the challenge and really went for it while all Sean could do was sit back and take it. These two fuck like normal until the last position where out of nowhere they both get a little dirty. “Something took over me, I really wanted him to choke me and […]

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Sean Cody’s Ollie hardcore raw ass fucking Pete till his bare dick is sore

Ollie rims Pete’s man hole till he’s all lubed up and ready for a good ass fucking!…… Sean Cody says: Dark haired muscle boy Ollie gets his big hard cock sucked, balls deep by blond muscled stud Pete. Sexy Ollie then turns his attention to Pete’s bubble butt asshole. Parting Pete’s ass cheeks Ollie gets his tongue deep into Pete’s tight pink man hole. Rimming him deep till he’s all lubed up and ready for a good ass fucking. Pete relaxes a little as Ollie presses his huge dick deep into Pete’s asshole. The look on Pete’s face shows he […]

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Huge muscle dude Hoyt strips naked and jerks his big thick dick

Sexy new adrenaline junkie Sean Cody man Hoyt wanks out a huge load!…… Sean Cody says: Hoyt is a big guy like a really big guy. “How tall are you?” I asked 6’4” but if I stand on my tippy toes I can reach 6’7”. When he’s not at the beach causing trouble, Hoyt said he’s constantly chasing the adrenalin rush. “I like to keep the heart pumping, really get the juices flowing.” “How so?” “I like to skydive, bungee jump, you know anything that’s going to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!” As he […]

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Sean Cody Brandon and Cole hardcore bareback raw ass fucking

Brandon had plans to call the shots and make Cole his bitch!…… Sean Cody says: Cole has a bit of a crush on Brandon. We could see the wheels turning in his head when he was talking about Brandon’s big arms and chest, so we knew this would be a good one. Brandon had plans to call the shots and make Cole his bitch. “We’ll see where it takes us. I have some plans, but you never know what’s gonna happen.” Cole continued to crush on Brandon and talk about a fantasy he would have of him. “One where he’s […]

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Sexy young muscle dude Cort jerks out a huge cum load

Tattooed muscle boy Cort shows off his sexy body and hard dick!….. Sean Cody says: Cort is a fun-loving and carefree kind of guy who really just goes wherever the wind takes him. “I’ve traveled a lot and done a lot of odd jobs. I’ve been a firefighter, been in the military…I’ve seen it all and done it all early on in life.” He also admits to being openly bisexual which peaked my curiosity right away. “Tell me more about this!” “It just kind of happened one day after a long day on the job. A buddy of mine, we […]

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Sean Cody Blake and Lane hardcore bareback ass fucking flip flop

Bottom boys Blake and Lane develop a taste for topping as they flip flop fuck!…… Sean Cody says: Blake has been wondering when he would top again, and here it is. He was really excited to just start pounding Lane’s little ass. Even though both men are bottoms, it doesn’t mean they can’t fuck. Lane had an idea, “I think we should flip!” Blake was intrigued, but still wanted to make sure Lane knew he would be the bitch bottom, “I’d be down with that. I might even top a little bit more.” Lane wasn’t complaining one bit. See Sean […]

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Donny gets into the swing of bareback fucking his first guy Perry ain’t complaining

Perry kneels on the floor taking Donny’s huge cock deep to the back of his throat!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle boy Perry and young ripped muscle dude Donny kiss passionately as they stand waist naked their cocks already hardening in their board shorts. Perry kneels on the floor taking Donny’s huge cock deep to the back of his throat. Donny is surprised at how nice Perry’s cock sucking is, better than his girlfriend no doubt. This horny blowjob gets Donny all excited and he quickly gets in the mood to raw fuck Perry’s bare muscle bubble butt. Carefully […]

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Sean Cody five man orgy Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan

Festive holiday hardcore ass fucking orgy!…… Sean Cody says: It had been a while since the SeanCody guys left the studio, so we decided it was time for a vacation. We found this amazing log cabin up north in the mountains and invited some of our favorite models up for a good time. Lane, Brodie, Joey, Tanner and Rowan all got along right off the bat and we knew we were going to have a ton of fun. With the amazing backdrop of Mount Shasta, the beautiful wilderness and our gorgeous models, this trip was for sure a once in […]

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Jess returns to bareback Porter’s tight raw asshole

Jess and Porter hardcore bareback ass fucking!….. Sean Cody says: Jess is back. Jess is back. Jess is back. It has been a while but we finally have Jess back to rock Sean Cody with his huge beautiful dick. Jess has been gone for a few years, however, once he started having Porter worship his cock he was glad to be back. “Look at this kid suck this, how could you not miss being here” Jess smiled. Sit back and watch this Sean Cody legend go to town on Porter’s hole and welcome back Jess. See Jess returns to bareback […]

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Sexy big muscle Caribbean hunk Frankie jerks out a huge cumload

New Yorker Frankie wanks his big uncut black dick till he blows!…… Sean Cody says: Frankie is a sexy, uncut Caribbean guy that comes to us from New York, and is ready to try just about anything. “I’m always interested in doing new things, I gotta say, I’ll try anything once.” His curiosity and his freaky side is what brought him here, and we’re not complaining one bit. “What turns me on? I guess I’m a bit of a freak. I like people watching me while I’m doing what I’m doing especially if they’re strangers.” He definitely came to the […]

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Sean Cody’s Rowan and Jayden bareback anal bubble butt fucking

Rowan’s first time bottoming with Jayden fucking his tight muscled asshole!…… Sean Cody says: When Jayden found out that he was going to top Rowan, he was pretty excited. It was even more enticing to find out this was going to be Rowan’s first time bottoming. Rowan, of course being the top that he is, was understandably nervous, right? “My eyes twitch and my heart is beating fast!” Rowan said. Jayden then felt his chest to see if there was any truth to this Rowan likes to play around apparently, because his heart beat was normal. “We’ll make some noise” […]

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Sexy tattooed young muscle boy Ollie bareback fucks young fit muscled guy Dean

Ollie’s red knob end is banging Dean’s prostrate like there’s no tomorrow!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy tattooed young muscle boy Ollie tops young fit muscled guy Dean. Dean’s tight muscle asshole opens wide in order to take Ollie’s sizable man meat. Ollie pumps away hard pressing his erect cock deep into Dean. Grabbing hold of his legs he pulls himself with all his might harder and harder till his balls are cracking on Dean’s smooth butt cheeks. Ollie’s red knob end is banging Dean’s prostrate like there’s no tomorrow. Then they switch, flip flop fucking all the way till both […]

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Sean Cody’s Chase and Graham bareback bubble ass fucking

“You gotta be flexible for sex to have it be really fun!…… Sean Cody says: Yoga master Graham showed Chase the basics of yoga, and it was hot as hell. The poses that these two hunks were in left us wanting more and boy, did they ever give more! Asses in the air, hot bodies being stretched, and a good post-workout fuck! “Gotta limber up before our next workout.” Graham was all smiles watching Chase do those sexy yoga poses. “You gotta be flexible for sex to have it be really fun!” This relaxing experience made both teacher and student […]

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Sexy bearded muscle hunk Dimitry jerks his big dick to a massive cumshot

Big muscle dude Dimitry shows off his huge muscular body and cock!….. Sean Cody says: We usually start off by asking a new model some questions to get to know them a little bit, but we were too mesmerized by Dimitry working out that chiseled body if his. He’s a sexy muscular guy with the nicest personality, and is quite modest. When we asked him about his dick size, he replied, “I don’t know, it’s aright, probably like 5 or 6 inches” Dimitry is definitely bigger than 5 or 6 inches, and he certainly knows how to use that thick […]

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Sexy muscle stud Brandon’s huge cock bareback fucks Kristian’s tight bubble butt asshole

Brandon and Kristian strip out of their wrestling kit and suck each other’s erect cocks!…… Sean Cody says: Remember Kristian? That cutie from a year ago? Well, he’s back for his first sex scene with the one and only Brandon. These two studs got along really well, it seemed as though they’ve been buddies for a long time. They couldn’t stop making jokes and just fooling around in general, until it came down to business. Getting along outside of the sack is one thing, but having sexual chemistry is another, and man, do they ever! Kristian enjoyed every second of […]

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Blake, Sean and Curtis bareback ass fucking threesome

Hot trio of sucking huge raw cocks fucking tight bubble butt assholes bareback!…… Sean Cody says: What a lovely surprise to see three gorgeous muscle hunks from Sean Cody Sean, Blake and Curtis. These three sexy muscled boys bareback fucking threesome is the hottest thing to come out of Sean Cody since last week. Expect a hot trio of sucking huge raw cocks, fucking tight bubble butt assholes bareback plus moans of enjoyment from all three. See Blake, Sean and Curtis bareback ass fucking threesome here! See Blake, Sean and Curtis bareback ass fucking threesome here! All the Sean Cody […]

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Hairy chested muscle hunk Cory bareback fucks smooth muscleboy Lane

Cory’s big raw dick splices Lane’s bubble ass hole!…… Sean Cody says: “How you been?” I asked Cory. It’s been a while since we have seen him on the site. “I’m good, I’m good. Been hitting the gym a lot and working on some stuff here and there.” Cory usually trims his chest hair when he comes out but this time he let it really grow out. “I like it!” Lane said as he ran his hand through it. Looks manly.” “Are you jealous Lane?” I asked “I mean kind of, I’m pretty hairless I’m hoping as I get older […]

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Brodie and Brendan hardcore raw butt fucking continues until both sexy young men can hold off no longer

Ripped muscle stud Brodie bareback fucks young muscle boy Brendan’s tight man hole!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy shaved headed, ripped muscle stud Brodie bareback fucks young muscle boy Brendan’s tight man hole. Brodie sucks down deep on Brendan’s hard erect uncut dick before turning him around and planting his tongue deep between his tight bubble butt ass cheeks. Getting his asshole nice and well lubed with his mouth before plunging his raw dick into Brendan’s tight man hole. Bareback fucking him again and again getting deeper and deeper untill his balls are banging against Brendan’s ass. The hardcore butt fucking […]

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Sexy muscle boy Sergei strips naked and wanks his thick uncut dick

Sergei spews cum all across his muscled chest and ripped abs!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy muscle boy Sergei strips naked out of his board shorts, showing off his ripped muscular body and his thick uncut dick. Sergei’s cock gets immediately erect as he touches it for the first time. With a smile on his face, he hides his obvious nervousness, and jerks his dick until he is fully into the rhythm. Sergei wanks hard with long strokes, moaning a little as he is clearly getting close to his orgasm. Then with a few brief tugs, he spews cum all across […]

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Rowan bareback fucks Atticus getting his dick balls deep

Rowan gets started sucking down hard on Atticus’ hard erect dick!…… Sean Cody says: Relative newbie young muscle boy Rowan bareback fucks the tight bubble butt ass of fellow newcomer Atticus. Rowan gets started sucking down hard on Atticus’ hard erect dick licking him all the way from his balls to the tip of his cockhead. Then Rowan grabs his hard cock and shoves it tightly between Atticus’ ass cheeks deep into his moist man hole. Rowan bareback fucks him with increasingly rough pumps getting his dick balls deep until both muscle guys are close to cumming. First Rowan then […]

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Hot naked muscle men Forrest and Blake bareback ass fucking

Forrest turns Blake around and slips his hard cock deep between Blake’s firm muscle bubble butt cheeks!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy hairy chested muscle guy Blake gets his hard erect big muscle dick sucked by dark haired muscle boy Forrest. On his knees in the shower Forrest deep throats blond hunk Blake’s big dick. Then Forrest turns Blake around and slips his hard cock deep between Blake’s firm muscle bubble butt cheeks. He presses his raw dick firmly right to his balls. Blake moans with each increasingly hard pump. Forrest continues bareback fucking Blake until he can continue any longer […]

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Sean Cody newbie Rowan bareback fucks tattooed bottom boy Duncan

Rowan slips his raw cock between Duncan’s bubble butt ass cheeks!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy newcomer muscle boy next door Rowan sucks down on tattooed muscle hunk Duncan’s big thick dick. Duncan gives as good as he gets responding with a balls deep blowjob taking the full length of Rowan erect cock. Then Rowan slips his raw cock between Duncan’s bubble butt ass cheeks bareback fucking him till he is on the edge of his orgasm. See Sean Cody newbie Rowan bareback fucks tattooed bottom boy Duncan here! See Sean Cody newbie Rowan bareback fucks tattooed bottom boy Duncan here! […]

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Sexy muscle blond Blake is bareback fucked by big muscle stud Brodie

Brodie pumps Blake’s raw asshole with his erect cock!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy muscle blond Blake is bareback fucked by big muscle stud Brodie. Blake kneels and sucks down Brodie’s big thick dick. Blake then rims Brodie’s tight ass, getting his tongue deep between his muscled ass cheeks. Then they switch and Brodie pumps Blake’s raw asshole with his erect cock. The hard bare ass fucking continues till both young muscle boys are on the edge of orgasm. Then one after another the boys splurge their full balls across themselves. See sexy muscle blond Blake is bareback fucked by big […]

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