Paragon Men – Peter Ansia‏ has a foreskin big enough to hood that Czech masterpiece!

Extraordinary proof of Peter’s peak physique! Paragon Men says: November’s to remember at Paragon Men – where it’s ALWAYS Thanksgiving. We’ve got a new, expanded viewing feature that amplifies all the goods – and they are legion. Warning: objects at Paragon are just as big as they appear. Let’s give it up for Peter Ansia‏ – international man of mystery and fan of gym, food, beach and orgies. Not in that order. Get Peter Ansia FULLY EXPOSED video and pictures at Paragon Men! Not to sound superficial, but who can help wanting to dive into those crystalline eyes, pale ass […]

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Paragon Men – Pillow talk is child’s play for young, hung and horny Jack King

Jack’s a dead ringer for Rock Hudson! Paragon Men says: Pillow talk is child’s play. All-action Jack King is young, hung, horny and that’s in addition to being a dead ringer for Rock Hudson. We shot this modern-day matinee idol at a retro poolside on an extremely hot day – evidenced by his low drooping sweaty sack (anyone for tea?) The results are a timelessly stunning set that would make Instagram blush! Catch young, hung and horny Jack King FULL EXPOSURE at Paragon Men! Jack admits he’s here to show off his body. What else could possibly tear us away […]

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