Hardcore twink fucking with Martin Muse, Tony Conrad and Roman Black

Martin Muse and Tony Conrad take it in turns to bang Roman Black with their huge twink dicks!…… Staxus says: Whoever knew that Martin Muse was such an avid fan of the Czech ice hockey league? Or that he had such a stunning collection of stickers featuring the top players? Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates such things Tony Conrad and Roman Black included. These two horny fuckers want to play, but it’s most definitely fucks rather than pucks that’s grabbing their interest. Not that Muse appears in any way reluctant to follow their lead, it has to be said. A couple […]

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Hot young dudes Xavier Sibley and Josh Milk hardcore ass fucking

Xavier Sibley rides Josh Milk’s big boy dick for all he’s worth!…… Staxus says: When he’s not working in front of the camera enjoying copious amounts of hard cock, young Xavier Sibley is a rather deft-handed masseur a fact that has obviously not escaped Josh Milk’s attention, who is only too willing to lie in the shade and take full advantage of the twink’s skilful manipulations. What Milk doesn’t realise or, then again, maybe he does is that his pal’s idea of an “all-body” rubdown is quite literally that. As a result, it’s no time at all before Sibley’s fingers […]

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Enzo Sky and Chris Jansen suck down hard on elephant dick Jaro Stone

Chris Jansen eagerly takes a mouthful of jizz from Enzo Sky and Jaro Stone!…… Staxus says: There are certainly far worse names that you can be called, but for some reason Jaro Stone seems to take exception to Chris Jansen’s admission that his friends back in Denmark refer to Stone as “Elephant Dick” a revelation that provides Enzo Sky with much amusement when the three lads get together for some idle banter. Not that the playful animosity is anything but momentary, it must be said. Indeed, before you know it the trio is engaged in some extremely spirited reconciliation; kissing […]

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Horny young boy cock sluts Xavier Sibley and Kris Blent fucking

Xavier Sibley and Kris Blent 69-ing each other like a couple of sex-starved bloodhounds!…… Staxus says: Director, John Smith, is clearly in the mood for something artistically mean and moody at the start of this dramatic encounter between two of our very horniest young boy cock sluts, Xavier Sibley and Kris Blent; but, having strutted their stuff for the camera down at the beach in the opening moments, the boys soon find themselves poolside at their handsome Spanish villa. Needless to say, all that fresh air, warm sunshine and magnificent Iberian scenery has left both these young beauties feeling even […]

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Young sexy twinks Tony Conrad and Will Simon flip-flop fucking

Tony Conrad shoots his cum load deep into Will Simon’s expectant mouth!…… Staxus says: Fans of Tony Conrad, of which there are many, as everyone knows, will be in seventh heaven at the start of this, his latest episode. Not because he engages in anything unnaturally erotic or sordid, rest assured that comes later on but very simply because he’s filmed being utterly natural and normal, walking in a park on a cold winter’s day. In effect he becomes an “every man” the kind of fellow any of us could encounter in our daily lives. Suffice it to say, however, […]

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Hot young wrestling twinks Joel Vargas and Milan Sharp hardcore big uncut dick fucking

Gorgeous hottie boys Joel Vargas and Milan Sharp butt fucking orgy!…… Staxus says: They’re supposed to be engaged in a wrestling match albeit one with the added factor of a greased-up floor but it doesn’t take too long before our favourite, Milan Sharp, and new boy, Joel Vargas, are stripping out of their wrestling suits and indulging in some rather unconventional moves. Not that you lot of horny fuckers are gonna complain, that’s for sure, especially when Vargas unleashes his huge, uncut dick and slaps it straight into Sharp’s face which immediately results in the blond smooth boy slurping down […]

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Arthur Kral and Ian Ross hard ass fucking

Two blond boys fucking like a couple of over-seasoned stags!…… Staxus says: What is it about a man in a football strip that makes him so utterly irresistible? We’re not exactly sure, but there’s no denying the fact that STAXUS exclusive, Arthur Kral, is even more gorgeous than ever when dolled up in his kit – a fact that clearly doesn’t escape young Ian Ross when he walks into the locker room. As a result, it barely takes more than a few moments before the two lads are lip-to-lip in an energetic smooch, signalling the start of a terrific duo […]

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Sexy young boy Ray Mannix plonks his tight twink ass down hard onto Gabriel Angel’s thick dick

Gabriel Angel jerks out a truly stunning wad of hot jizz all over Ray Mannix’s face!…… Staxus says: Porn stars are not renowned for their patience, so Gabriel Angel and Ray Mannix show considerable restraint as they wait for director, John Smith, to show up for their shoot at their Spanish villa. All the same, there’s no disguising the fact that both these young fellows are seriously gagging for action; and Smith’s arrival albeit off-camera is greeted with unmistakable relief. So much so, in fact, that both buddies immediately get down to business without so much as a by-your-leave Mannix, […]

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Young naked scouts Mike Cole and new boy Simon Caress hardcore anal rim and fuck

Mike Cole rides Simon Caress’s huge twink dick cowboy-style like a bitch on heat!…… Staxus says: One of the great joys of scouting is all that time that you get to spend in the great outdoors, something Mike Cole and new boy, Simon Caress, very clearly appreciate in the opening moments of this gorgeous little number. Whether they are chatting half-way up a tree or just smooching next to a river, these young fellows love to be outside. Even so, the temptation of spending time together indoors can sometimes prove too much, no less so than when there’s a nice […]

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Hardcore twink-on-twink ass fucking action with Enzo Sky and Titus Snow

Titus Snow fingers Enzo Sky’s smooth asshole then ploughs his dick deep inside!…… Staxus says: New boys Enzo Sky (Czech shirt, German scarf) and Titus Snow (Portuguese shirt, Dutch scarf) clearly have something of a love-hate relationship, a rather bi-polar friendship that swings between lashing out at each other one moment and snogging each other the next. Still, that’s the way some bonds work; and suffice it to say that their bickering does not last long. Indeed, before you know it both these horny buddies have abandoned their quibbling and their football and have settled down for some more intimate […]

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Chad Johnstone fucks his huge uncut cock deep into Mike Branco’s smooth little fuck-hole

Young blond boy Mike Branco rides Chad Johnstone’s huge uncut dick reverse-cowboy!…… Staxus says: Some guys will cross over hell and high water to get to the man that they love, including, it seems, Mike Branco, who quite literally trundles through a forest to find fellow scout, Chad Johnstone, waiting for him outside their tent. Once safely united, of course, they immediately get down to the very serious business of cementing their affections; and within minutes both lads are stripped down to the waist and exchanging kisses. That, unsurprisingly enough, is but a foretaste of the hardcore action to come. […]

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Young naked boys David Sky and Ray Mannix hardcores ass rimming

European uncut cocks David Sky and Ray Mannix hard ass fucking!…… Staxus says: David Sky and Ray Mannix are in love with each other, with life, with the city of Prague and what better way than to express their array of affections than by sitting down together with a tourist guide and using it as the perfect excuse to explore their surroundings, i.e. each other’s handsome bodies and thick, juicy, uncut boy cocks. Indeed, any pretence that they’ve actually got any interest in the sights and sounds of the Czech capital is very quickly washed away with a veritable tsunami […]

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Leo Ocean’s tight boy hole fucked by sexy Czech boy Pyotr Tomek’s huge twink dick

Pyotr Tomek quite literally fucks Leo Ocean in every imaginable sexual position!…… Staxus says: If there’s two things that can be learned in the opening sequence of this spunky little number between ever-popular Brit boy, Leo Ocean, and his sexy Czech counterpart, Pyotr Tomek, it’s never to go skateboarding if you can’t actually skateboard and never to go walking along the inside of a railway track. After all, both these activities present varying levels of risk to life and limb; but when you’re young and carefree such risks always seem trivial. As a result, we’re treated to the sight of […]

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Sexy blond young twink Kris Blent fucks Yuri Adamov’s tight boy asshole

Kris Blent aggressive hardcore boy-on-boy fucking that leaves Yuri Adamov’s ass hole wrecked!…… Staxus says: There’s an arguably controversial start to this scene one that will no doubt draw a whole range of reactions and opinions in response but fans of blond haired twinks will no doubt be swept away by the charming talents of new boy, Kris Blent, all the same. Certainly our favourite boy, Yuri Adamov, seems to be very quickly enamoured of the lad his (admittedly rather half-hearted) efforts to ignore the fellow’s advances soon evaporating in wake of Blent’s provocation. Indeed, it’s not long before Adamov […]

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Sexy nude boy Izan Loren face-fucks Mike Cole’s mouth ending in goeey sticky cum facial

Izan Loren rims and fucks young pup Mike Cole’s twink ass hole!…… Staxus says: It’s definitely a studio first in more ways than one here, with Timmy Treasure’s directorial debut being introduced by Izan Loren in sign language, a surprising twist that unquestionably grabs the viewer’s attention right from the off. Loren lives in an apartment in the center of Madrid with Mike Cole, who, if truth be told, isn’t that enthusiastic when Loren arrives home and suggests that the two of them go to the bedroom for a little intimate fun. Seems like this boy would much rather loaf […]

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Young twink Brit boy Titus Snow fucked hard by Luke Volta’s big boy dick

Luke Volta sinks his thick uncut cock deep into the farm-boy Titus Snow’s boy hole!…… Staxus says: It’s one thing to dream the dream, it’s quite another to actually live it, as Brit boy, Titus Snow, discovers when he decides to buy a smallholding in Czechia so that he can farm the land. After all, this is a fellow who, by his own admission, knows absolutely nothing about farming. Fortunately, he’s decided to hire a young local (Luke Volta) to help him out. Even more fortuitously, that particular assistant is drop-dead gorgeous and as constantly horny as fuck. So when […]

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Black sex-god Hector Agusti fucks French cutie Gabriel Angel

Young French boy Gabriel Angel is soon impaled on Hector Agusti’s huge black cock!…… Staxus says: Warning! Fans of black flesh will be in chronic danger of hyperventilation during the opening moments of this fabulous set-piece thanks to a decision by the director, John Smith, to feature sex-god, Hector Agusti, in a sensuous poolside romp. Armed with a small bottle of massage oil and his very big dick, the dark warrior quite literally puts all his competitors to shame proving in the process that he could easily carry any scene just on his own. Contrary to what you may conclude […]

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Hot twink fucking threesome Jaro Stone, Johny Cherry and Kris Blent

Kris Blent spitroasted taking Jaro Stone’s big twink dick up his ass while Johny Cherry fucks his mouth!…… Staxus says: Of course, any scene that begins with Jaro Stone, Johny Cherry and Kris Blent sitting together on a sofa pretty much has everything going for it right from the off – and the good news is that every ounce of that initial anticipation quickly gets transformed into a whole hundredweight of cum-draining reality. One of the key ingredients of success in this deliciously hot threesome is the range of experience represented – from Stone’s cock-whoring prowess on the one hand, […]

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Sexy young boy Tony Conrad and gorgeous Mickey Rush hardcore raw ass fucking

Tony Conrad and Mickey Rush eagerly 69-ing each other’s big twink cocks!…… Staxus says: It’s definitely a case of love or, at the very least, lust at first sight for new-boy, Tony Conrad, when he encounters the gorgeous Mickey Rush in a city playground. What follows, of course, is pure imagination on the part of the cock-crazed newbie; but you have to say, as fantasies go this is definitely one of the hottest! Seconds on and the two fresh-faced buddies are smooching like it’s the end of the world; before we’re immediately transported to a nearby apartment, where their licentious […]

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Hot naked young boys Ray Mannix and Ruben Bart hardcore butt fucking

Ray Mannix gets his ass-hole stretched to the max by Ruben Bart’s huge twink dick!…… Staxus says: An inflatable crocodile would be a great toy for Ray Mannix and Ruben Bart to play with if they were by the pool, but unfortunately they’re nowhere near any water. As a result, they have to find other things to amuse them; which in this particular instance means slipping out of their swimming trunks and playing with each others’ cocks. Not that that’s something that seems to particularly bother either of these horned-up buddies given what promptly ensues between them but then seeing […]

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Milan Sharp first gets fucked by Sam Williams as Florian Mraz thrusts his dick down his throat

Florian Mraz gets the honour of creaming young bottom Milan Sharp’s arse!…… Staxus says: Young Milan Sharp is in trouble with the police. In fact, given the fact that he’s being bundled into a room with four angry officers at the start of this scene you could say that he’s in real big trouble. After all, they seem to be under the impression that he’s got drugs stuffed up his ass hole and they’re not going to be happy until they’ve undertaken a very thorough search of that cute little pucker. Cue an inquisitive probing led by Florian Mraz and […]

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Older younger cock hungry pup Edward Fox gets his holes fucked by smoking hot stud Alejandro Alvarez

Alejandro Alvarez fucks Edward Fox’s tight boy hole!…… Staxus says: So okay, he’s maybe a little older than most of us have come to expect from us boys, but there’s still something wonderfully sexy about older hunk Alejandro Alvarez not least of all when he’s brooding manfully with a cigarette, as is the case here in the opening moments of this terrific pairing with sexy young boy Edward Fox. Mind, the young pizza boy isn’t too bad at blowing smoke, it has to be said; although (as very quickly becomes apparent) it’s blowing of a very different kind that’s soon […]

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Sexy young boy Leo Ocean takes Roman Smid and Ray Mannixs’ twink cocks up his ass

Leo Ocean double dicking with Roman Smid and Ray Mannix!…… Staxus says: We already know that hot young twink Leo Ocean is a total cock slut, so perhaps it shouldn’t come as any surprise to see him provocatively showing off his big boy dick to Roman Smid and Ray Mannix as they play together in the squash court below him, whilst he works out on an exercise machine in the room above. What you might not realise, however, is that he’s also clearly a bit of a cock tease as proves to be the case here when he pretends to […]

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Tristan Archer and Noah Matous hardcore bareback anal fucking

Tristan Archer fingers and rims Noah Matous’ tight boy hole!…… Staxus says: We’ve only know Tristan Archer for a very short time, but even so the sight of him wielding a knife at Noah Matous’ throat at the start of this powerful little scene comes as something of a shock. Seems like there’s something of a devil in this horny, handsome fellow; but if anything that only seems to add a certain appeal to his character. Besides, it quickly transpires that Matous is more than willing and able to undertake what’s demanded of him from Archer in the form of […]

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Pyotr Tomek and Noah Matous hardcore ass fucking

Young naked boys Pyotr Tomek and Noah Matous rim each other’s asses and rub their cocks together!…… Staxus says: Young gardener, Pyotr Tomek, has clearly abandoned any pretence of doing any actual gardening but then that’s not exactly surprising given that he’s now encountered the unrivalled delights of Noah Matous, who (as we all know) is a cock-whore par excellence. Indeed, the young blond lad clearly can’t wait to get his tanned, dark-haired buddy into a tent so that he can get acquainted with the labourer’s handsome tool, and is soon feasting on all that hard, handsome meat with characteristic […]

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Sexy young boy Ray Mannix spit roasted by Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley

Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley double-fuck Ray Mannix’s tight boy hole!…… Staxus says: We’re not sure if young Ray Mannix has ever traced his family ancestry and has discovered some Gallic blood, but what we do know is that he sure as fuck gets some French in him in this terrific poolside scene with Gabriel Angel and Xavier Sibley. In fact, you could say that the horny Czech cock-slut gets invaded en-masse by a volley of Parisian salami that even Napoleon would’ve been amazed at. An act that actually starts in the water, with the trio of fun-loving beauties cavorting […]

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Florian Mraz fingers and rims his new buddy Mickey Rush’s boy hole

Florian Mraz rides Mickey Rush’s shaft reverse-cowboy blasting out a crazy wad of spunk!…… Staxus says: It’s not particularly difficult to understand how Florian Mraz has quietly become a favourite with our fans that winsome, toothy smile is more than enough to melt even the most hardened of hearts, but add his lithe body and hairless, upturned dick into the equation and you have a real winner. Nevertheless, we hazard a guess that most viewers are gonna have their loyalties torn somewhat here, when Mraz is teamed up with tattooed newbie, Mickey Rush a deliciously handsome young dude, who quickly […]

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Mike James can’t get enough of his buddy thick Victor Diamond uncut cock

Mike takes every aching inch of Victor’s hard boy uncut dick!…… Staxus says: They’ve clearly both got a distinct penchant for underwear and given the sexy nature of the product in question it’s no wonder but, having fooled around together during the opening moments of this little escapade, Mike James and Victor Diamond just want to strip off and enjoy each other as nature intended. And that, of course, is a pretty easy task given just how gorgeous both these handsome fuck-buddies are. James, in particular, doesn’t seem able to get enough of his buddy’s thick, uncut meat, and within […]

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Naked young boys Joel Vargas and Leo Ocean hardcore butt fucking

Joel Vargas sinks his swollen dick right into Leo Ocean’s hungry asshole!…… Staxus says: A fabulously skinny young twink like Leo Ocean clearly has his work cut out to get all muscled up, but his personal trainer, new boy Joel Vargas, has plenty of ideas of how to bulk his body in the gym. Some are pretty conventional,like lifting weights, for example. But Vargas is obviously a man who thinks outside the box, and whipping his cock out of his shorts he decides to give the young lad a very different kind of workout. As a result, Ocean is soon […]

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Hot young boys David Sky and Josh Milk hardcore butt fuck

Josh Milk jerks out his wad riding David Sky’s cock cowboy-style!…… Staxus says: It’s not particularly unusual for a couple of Spanish guys to take advantage of the shade to enjoy a cool, refreshing beer, so this encounter between David Sky and Josh Milk doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Nor will it astonish those of you who know these two cock-crazed Iberians as to how quickly the drinking session descends into a much more carnal encounter. Indeed, you might even be left wondering as to why it takes these buddies so long to put their cans to […]

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Yuri Adamov, Nick Vargas, Ray Mannix, Noah Matous, Benjamin Dunn and Troy Vara gay orgy

Young man Yuri Adamov literally can’t get enough dick up his ass!….. Staxus says: If there’s anyone alive who doesn’t think that Yuri Adamov is little more than a cock-crazed whore then we’d love to meet them. No question about it, folks, this is a young man who quite literally can’t get enough dick up his ass and he continues to prove it again here, bundled over a stool with his butt in the air. To be fair, however, he’s not actually totally happy unless he’s actually got a dick in his mouth at the same time; but with Nick […]

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Handsome young stud Nick Vargas and horny new boy Johny Cherry fucking

Nick Vargas fingers Johny Cherry’s tight little boy hole, getting him ready for his big twink cock!…… Staxus says: Handsome young stud Nick Vargas fucks with hyper-horny new boy and gay porn virgin Johny Cherry. The young, fresh-faced boy sucks down hard on Nick’s huge uncut dick taking him right to the back of his throat. Then Nick fingers Johny’s tight little boy hole, getting him ready for his big twink cock. To be honest John is clearly gagging for some anal action. Once the boys get down to fucking, Nick slips his young boy cock deep between Johny’s smooth […]

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