Chris Taylor soft cock gets fluffed by expert cock sucker Mikey

Mikey deep throats Chris Taylor’s cock, cupping his balls!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Chris Taylor has gotten more and more nervous as his first non-solo scene has approached, but now the day has arrived and we’ve got some ideas to calm his nerves. We’re having him warm up with the flesh jack, but despite plenty of lube and trying his hardest, Chris just isn’t getting it up with the toy, so we’re calling in someone with a lot of experience sucking cocks and getting straight guys hard. That’s right, Mikey is back in the studio and this seasoned cock-sucker is […]

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Four sexy studs Gage Owens, Tyler Griffin, Chandler Scott and David Hardy

David Hardy and Gage Owens get their asses eaten out then stuffed by Chandler Scott and Tyler Griffin’s big raw dicks!…… Broke Straight Boys says: We’ve got four sexy studs in the studio today, and these guys are ready for a foursome fuckfest, skipping introductions and getting right to the action as they pair off and make out. Chandler Scott and David Hardy go at it, kissing and undressing while Gage Owens and Tyler Griffin do the same, getting each other warmed up before moving in for some oral as Tyler sucks Gage and Chandler gets David’s cock down his […]

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Kaden Porter bareback fucking Vadim Black’s tight young muscle asshole

Kaden Porter grabs Vadim Black’s sexy ass as he plows it hard!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Kaden Porter is still a little nervous about being in the studio, but today he’s with Vadim Black, who is a well-known natural at all things sex-related, so he’s about to help Kaden relax and take a load off and shoot a load off. They kiss for a few minutes before Vadim makes the move down to Kaden’s cock, working that dick with his mouth and hands as he massages Kaden’s balls while he blows him. When Kaden’s cock is hard, Vadim is up […]

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Tanner Valentino and John Henry bareback ass fucking

John Henry is barely able to take the whole length of Tanner Valentino’s impressive prick!…… Broke Straight Boys says: John Henry is about to show newbie Tanner Valentino how it’s done, and Tanner is up for a good lesson since it means getting his huge dick sucked. They get in the mood with some kisses, making out as they lock lips and John kisses his way toward Tanner’s waiting big cock. John takes Tanner’s dick in his mouth, trying to deep throat that cock but it’s just too big, so John uses his hand to work it while his throat […]

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Kaden Porter’s huge dick bareback fucking Chandler Scott’s tight asshole

Kaden Porter makes Chandler Scott moan with each deep thrust of his rock-hard prick!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Not only is Chandler Scott good at fucking, but he’s also quite talented in the kitchen, and Kaden Porter got to enjoy some of his baked goods this week but today Kaden’s in for a different kind of treat from Chandler. They strip down and Kaden goes straight for Chandler’s ass, spreading it apart and rimming Chandler’s tight hole, getting it wet with his spit as he runs his tongue along that sensitive entrance. Kaden gives Chandler’s cock some attention too before […]

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Levi Jackson bare fucks Danny Cannon’s tight ass with his huge young dick

Levi Jackson’s back for his first guy on guy experience as he tops Danny Cannon!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Levi Jackson made it through his solo and now he’s back in the studio for his very first guy-on-guy experience, and although he seems a little apprehensive, overall he’s calm and ready to see where Danny Cannon takes him. They get intimate with some passionate kissing, making out while Danny places kisses on Levi’s chest and reaches down into his pants, teasing Levi’s cock between kisses before getting him undressed. Danny gives Levi head, sucking on his sweet cock while Levi […]

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Zeno Kostas straddles Devon Felix teasing his own ass with his hard dick

Devon Felix fucks Zeno Kostas harder and faster till he is on the edge of his orgasm!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Zeno Kostas and Devon Felix have been bonding outside the studio, hanging out and working out together, and now they’re about to take on a different kind of workout together with their cocks out, of course. Zeno and Devon get right to it, locking lips and making out, Zeno pushing Devon back onto the bed and climbing on top of him to get a better angle on those sexy lips. Zeno gets Devon’s pants off and wraps his mouth […]

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Tanner Valentino pumps his fat cock in and out slowly letting Tyler Griffin warm up to that big dick

Tyler Griffin bends over on the bed and bares his tight hole to Tanner Valentino!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Tanner Valentino and Tyler Griffin have both blown their cash that they earned already, so of course they’re back and looking to make some more in the quickest way they know how by fucking and getting fucked. A few kisses lead these two studs into some oral, with Tyler going down on Tanner first, trying hard to take that whole cock down his throat but it’s too big to fit. Tanner sits back and enjoys the show as Tyler sucks his […]

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Jason Sterling rides Vadim Black’s thick bareback cock

Vadim Black and Jason Sterling are too horny and cock-sucking isn’t going to be enough!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Vadim Black and Jason Sterling just met today, but once these boys start making out, you would think they’d done this together before as Jason runs his tongue across Vadim’s muscular chest and Vadim goes down on Jason. He takes Jason’s cock out and works that meat with his mouth and hand, grabbing his balls as he sucks that hard prick. Jason’s up next for a taste of Vadim’s sweet cock, and when he gets on his knees between Vadim’s legs, […]

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Kaden Alexander moans as his ass gets filled with Antonio Ferrari’s huge dick

Antonio Ferrari fucks Kaden Alexander harder and faster till he shoots his load all over!…… Broke Straight Boys says: This is Antonio Ferrari’s second time back to the studio and Kaden Alexander makes sure he gets a very warm welcome as these guys start making out. The more they kiss, the more eager Kaden is to get to Antonio’s cock as he gets him on the bed and takes that dick in his mouth. Kaden deep throats Antonio, sucking his balls and pulling on his shaft with his hand as Antonio watches him go down on him. Antonio gets his […]

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Zeno Kostas raw ass fucking Chandler Scott

Zeno Kostas works his way down to Chandler Scott’s cock!….. Broke Straight Boys says: Chandler Scott and Zeno Kostas do a little show-and-tell with their tattoos, taking off their shirts to show each other what they’ve got, and that’s when Zeno moves in, kissing Chandler from behind and making him crave Zeno’s expert lips. They make out for a minute before Zeno is on the move, working his way down to Chandler’s cock and then yanking those boxers off and taking Chandler’s sweet dick in his mouth. Zeno sucks and deep throats that dick, not afraid to get a little […]

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Broke Straight Boys Kaden Alexander’s tight smooth asshole fucked by Chaz Berling’s big black dick

Chaz Berling bareback fucks Kaden Alexander’s raw butt hole!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Kaden Alexander uses his charm and laid-back attitude to put one of the newbies, Chaz Berling, at ease before beginning their scene. But a few jokes and some small talk and these guys are getting right to it, making out with each other as they lose their clothes piece by piece until Chaz is naked on the bed. Kaden takes Chaz’s dick in his mouth and works that cock, sucking it and making Chaz moan before they switch off and Kaden lets Chaz get a taste of […]

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Straight boy bareback fuckers Draven Caine and Drake Tyler

Drake Tyler shoves Draven Caine’s big dick all the way down his throat! Broke Straight Boys says: Drake Tyler gets to break in newbie Draven Caine, who doesn’t seem opposed to the idea of getting to fuck Drake’s sexy ass. They don’t need much help getting started, in fact, Drake gets right into it, making out with Draven and giving him some deep kisses before he gets Draven’s cock deep inside his mouth next. Drake shoves Draven’s big dick all the way down his throat, not afraid to get a little messy as he drools all over Draven’s fat cock. […]

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Ryan Fields’ tight ass is too much and Antonio Ferrari can’t keep his cum in any longer

Antonio Ferrari buries his bareback dick in Ryan Fields’s tight ass!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Ryan Fields admires Antonio Ferrari’s tattoos, taking off his shirt to get a better view of all that ink, and as he touches him, things start to get a little hotter as they kiss and the rest of their clothes make their way to the floor. Ryan hangs his head over the bed and lets Antonio face fuck him, getting that dick in nice and deep down his throat before they switch off and it’s Antonio’s turn to give Ryan head. Antonio works that cock […]

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Sexy young 22 years old black stud Chaz Berling jerks his huge thick black dick

Chaz Berling touches himself faster until he strokes out a huge load!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Chaz Berling is ready to show what he’s got in his BSB debut on this sexy solo scene, stripping down and putting his muscles to work as he flexes and shows off that hot body. As we let him get started, he stays standing and lubes up his big dick, slowly stroking his shaft as he runs his hand across his chest and abs, grabbing his own ass as he jerks his fat cock. He climbs on the bed, kneeling, and grabs his dick […]

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Tanner Valentino raw fucks Zeno Kostas’ tight boy hole

Tanner Valentino slides his big dick deep inside Zeno Kostas’s tight ass hole!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Zeno Kostas and Tanner Valentino are spotting each other during their weight lifting session and all that testosterone has got them horny and in need of some release. But soon, this innocent work out takes a sexy turn as Zeno hikes up his shorts and dangles his cock in front of Tanner’s face, getting some head as Tanner sucks Zeno’s cock on the bench, making him deep throat it. Zeno drops his shorts completely and climbs on top of Tanner, sucking Tanner’s fat […]

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Gage Owens buries his long bareback dick in Zeno Kostas balls deep and fucking him hard

Gage Owens takes some getting used to the feeling of Zeno Kostas’ dripping dick in his mouth!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is one of our newbies, and he’s about to learn a few things about sucking cock and fucking ass. Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard. Zeno dives right in, grabbing Gage and kissing him on the lips, then telling him all of his sensitive spots so that Gage can get to work. When Gage has sucked on Zeno’s nipples and gotten […]

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Jason Sterling sole jerking his big straight dick

Young naked hottie Jason Sterling strips off and jerks his big boy dick!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Jason Sterling is here from Louisville, Kentucky, and this out doors man passes his time hunting and fishing and enjoying sports. The money he earns here he will put towards raising his son and the rest he will spend on himself…but before he gets paid, we need to see some cock. Jason admits that he’s very nervous, but it’s not like he’s never gotten himself off before, so we’re confident that this blonde hottie will do just fine. He takes his clothes off […]

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Gage Owens is bottoming today lucky John Henry gets to break in his tight virgin straight ass

Gage Owens bottoms for his first time ever!….. Broke Straight Boys says: John Henry and Gage Owens are both pretty new, but the way these guys go at it, you wouldn’t know it. They warm things up with some kisses, locking lips as they slowly get undressed, and when Gage’s pants are off John’s mouth is on Gage’s cock in a matter of seconds. John runs his hand and mouth over Gage’s hard erect big dick, sucking that thick cock until it’s standing straight up and dripping for some 69ing action. John climbs on top and dangles his own big […]

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Bareback ass fucking Devon Felix and David Hardy

David Hardy buries his face between Devon Felix’s ass cheeks and rims his tight hole!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Devon Felix might not be ready to take a dick yet, but David Hardy isn’t going to let that stop him as he captures Devon’s lips with his own and kisses him hard, making out as they both strip their clothes off. Devon gets his mouth filled with cock first as he goes down on David, sucking that big dick and the letting David taste Devon’s cock next. Devon watches David work his magic then watches as he buries his face […]

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Vadim Black bareback fucking Austin Andrews’ tight straight asshole

Vadim Black fucks him harder his bareback cock buried deep in Austin Andrews’ boy hole!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Vadim Black questions Austin Andrews about his experiences doing porn with other sites, but after a short conversation it seems Vadim would rather find out first-hand what Austin has learned. They push their lips together and make out, and the kissing leads to cock-sucking as Austin goes down on Vadim, giving him head as he holds Vadim’s gaze and licks that sweet cock up and down. Then Vadim shows off his oral skills, running his hand and lips along Austin’s fat […]

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Chandler Scott and Jason Sterling bareback ass fucking

Chandler Scott and Jason Sterling hot flip flop anal fucking!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Chandler Scott and Jason Sterling were getting bored with the same old indoor scenes, so these two studs are taking it out to the barn today to get their dick sucked and ass pounded. Jason is the first one to have his cock out and get some head from Chandler, but then Jason pulls an interesting stunt and hangs upside down from the ledge so that they can both get some oral action by 69ing. When Jason’s legs get tired from holding him up, Chandler helps […]

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Chandler Scott and Austin Andrews raw butt fucking

Chandler Scott and Austin Andrews don’t waste much time with small talk!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Chandler Scott and Austin Andrews don’t waste much time with small talk, Austin is ready to get this hot scene started and they make out, kissing briefly before their shirts come off and their hands are all over each other! Austin is hungry for cock and he bends down and gets Chandler’s dick out of his boxers and into his mouth, sucking that meat and working it with his hand and mouth. Austin gets some amazing oral in return when Chandler blows him, going […]

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Tanner Valentino gets to stick his dick deep inside of Danny Cannon’s tight ass

Danny Cannon has a hard time taking Tanner Valentino’s huge cock at first!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Tanner Valentino made it through his solo scene and is back with handsome Danny Cannon to learn a thing or two about being with a dude. Danny is more than willing to help this newbie out as they move in for some deep, passionate kisses and Danny’s hand finds itself teasing Tanner’s package. Eventually Tanner’s pants are off and Danny is on his knees giving Tanner’s uncut cock a good sucking, deepthroating that meat as Tanner shoves it farther into Danny’s throat. Tanner […]

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Straight boys Vadim Black and Owen Michaels hardcore bareback ass fucking

Vadim Black’s throbbing dick spreads Owen Michaels’ tight ass wide open!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Owen Michaels and Vadim Black are here for a morning fuck, and there’s no better way to wake up than to lock lips with muscular stud. These guys keep their underwear on as they make out, kissing passionately and playfully rubbing their tongues together as Vadim kisses his way down Owen’s ripped body and teases his cock through his boxers. Owen can’t take Vadim’s playing anymore and gets his underwear off in a hurry so Vadim can wrap his warm lips around that fat prick. […]

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Bareback ass fucking Zander Floyd raw fucks Gage Owens’ tight boy asshole

Zander gets his mouth stuffed full of meat again as Gage straddles his face!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Zander Floyd and Gage Owens are both beach bums in their own way, and today they’re going to make some waves and ride some dick. As they make out and kiss each other, Zander takes a minute to pull Gage’s clothing off piece by piece, then his own comes off next and before you know it he’s lying on top of Gage and sucking Gage’s delicious meat. He’s not giving head for long before Gage pulls Zander up toward his face and […]

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Straight threesome Gage Owens, Vadim Black and David Hardy hardcore ass fucking

Hot naked straight boy threesome!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is in for a surprise today, and he’ll figure out what that surprise is soon enough. To get him in the mood, Vadim Black and David Hardy kiss his chest and torso, undressing him and using his shirt as a blindfold as Gage has no choice but to let these guys do what they want to him. David and Vadim take turns rimming Gage’s ass, sucking his sweet cock and take a break to make out with each other while Gage touches himself. Gage gets some balls in his […]

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Zander Floyd bareback fucks Tanner Valentino’s tight boy asshole

Zander Floyd pounds the cum right out of Tanner Valentino! Broke Straight Boys says: Zander Floyd is ready to get this scene started with his sexy partner Tanner Valentino, and Zander leans in for a kiss as they start to make out and run their hands all over each other. Zander reaches down for Tanner’s cock and strokes it through Tanner’s pants before unleashing the beast and trying to fit that whole cock in his mouth. He sucks that thick meat, drooling as he shoves it deep down his throat and then lets Tanner have a taste of his own […]

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Hardcore bareback ass fucking Owen Michaels and David Hardy

Owen Michaels slowly slides his big bare cock deep inside of David Hardy’s tight raw asshole!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Owen Michaels and David Hardy make out, kissing each other as they strip off their clothes and lie back on the bed, Owen running his big hands across David’s torso and sucking on his nipple as he gets David hard. Owen kisses his way down to David’s uncut cock and gives him head, sliding his tongue from balls to tip as David moans for more of Owen’s sweet mouth. When David returns the oral he makes sure Owen enjoys it, […]

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James Andrews gets a taste of Justin Riggs’s big dick

Full of sexy oral, but you’ll also get your fill of fucking and facials!…… Broke Straight Boys says: James Andrews gets a taste of Justin Riggs’ dick in this hot update. Not only is this scene full of sexy oral, but you’ll also get your fill of fucking and facials. See James Andrews gets a taste of Justin Riggs’s big dick here! See James Andrews gets a taste of Justin Riggs’s big dick here! All the Broke Straight Boys updates right here! Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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Straight young men Dustin Powers, Jaxon Ryder and Chandler Scott gay bareback threesome

Jaxon and Chandler 69ing while Dustin fucks Chandler raw!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Dustin Powers, Jaxon Ryder and Chandler Scott are up early for some morning sex, hopefully these boys all came with morning wood but if not, they’ll get each other hard without a problem in this hot threesome. They get straight to it, stripping down and Chandler lucks out, getting both Jaxon and Dustin’s mouth around his cock right off the bat. One plays with Chandler’s balls while the other sucks his dick, and then they decide to share the pleasure and Chandler gives Dustin some oral while […]

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Young straight studs Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas bareback butt fuck

Young straight boys Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas hardcore ass fucking!…… Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is one of our newbies and he’s about to learn a few things about sucking cock and fucking ass. Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard. Zeno dives right in, grabbing Gage and kissing him on the lips, then telling him all of his sensitive spots so that Gage can get to work. When Gage has sucked on Zeno’s nipples and gotten a few more kisses, he gets […]

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